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Medical and Healthcare Writing

Writing services include newsletters, website content, blogs, advertorials for clinical and medical conference-associated publications and case studies. Highly skilled and experienced in writing for medical audiences, general healthcare audiences and everything in between. 

Healthcare Media Relations

Media relations and public relations, including: press release writing; blog writing; managing and directing distribution, targeting, direct media contact, follow-up and interview coordination. 

Technical Writing 

Writing services include white papers, business proposals, press releases, website content for technology, and business-focused content that must be communicated to a variety of audiences. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning, including: publicity campaign development, management and execution; influencer marketing; communications strategy; and comprehensive content development and execution designed to drive leads into the marketing funnel.

List of Services 

Our services include:

  • Writing, Editing 
  • Clinician and Patient Communications 
  • Media Relations
  • Publicity
  • Strategic Planning & Consultation 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Advertorials


MedTech Content Marketing clients include:

NucleusHealth - Cloud-based medical imaging management; web-based imaging sharing; teleradiology services.

VAP Diagnostics Lab - Independent clinical reference laboratory; products include the VAP+ Lipid Panel advanced cholesterol test.

Zalgen Labs - Biotechnology and diagnostics company focused on the development and commercialization of immunotherapeutics, novel vaccines, and rapid diagnostic test platforms targeting infectious diseases.

Circulogene - Molecular diagnostics company; developers of cfDNA and cfRNA liquid biopsies for detecting and tracking cancer mutations.